Author’s Interviews

Step through this world into someone else’s, that’s what reading is all about.

Visit another dimension, another life, be part of the drama or laughter. Living though words transports you to a special place in you mind, a place where perhaps you’ve never explored or were afraid to enter. Maybe you’ve entered a fantasy world, or perhaps you will experience how your ancestors once lived, or learn about the customs and thoughts of people in other cultures or religions. You might even enter the mind of a dog or other animal, maybe even an alien from another universe. You’ll see, hear, touch, feel and smell things that you never even knew existed.

The possibilities are endless.

You may love or hate the characters you meet, regardless, they will become part of you for at least a short while. Some you’ll carry with you forever and others you’ll forget immediately. But you’ll always be more enriched for knowing them.

Open up that world and step into it. Whether you do it with a physical book, a digital version or even an audio performance, you will never be sorry you took that journey.

“Books are a uniquely portable magic” Stephen King

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